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New poems by Andy Bate. July - September 2009



Demons of the night.

I do so fear,

The coming of the night,

When the demons of my mind,

They begin their fight.

The haunting voices within,

Fighting me for control,

Hateful, spiteful, taunting, and tormenting,

Trying to destroy my soul.

Am I bad, am I mad?

Such endless despair,

Every night they come,

Waiting, waiting, always they are there.

The tears, the pain,

I fear the tortuous night,

Longing for a glad release,

Of day's new light.


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The Filipino Waiter


So far is he from home,

So very, very alone,

Yet he serves with a smile.

Sailing on the sea,

On a ship without liberty,

Yet he serves with a smile.

People gorging to excess,

He tidies away their mess,

Yet he serves with a smile.

Dreams of family life,

Dreams of child and wife,

Yet he serves with smile.

Months away on end,

Home his wage he sends,

Yet he serves with a smile.

The gratuities he needs,

A family to feed,

Yet he serves with a smile.

Manila is home and relief,

But his contentment is brief,

As he leaves to serve with a smile.

He waves his loved ones goodbye,

On the deck with a tear in his eye,

Uniform on, serving with a smile.


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The World Came To Me


Such memories have I,

When the world came to me,

Summer 1984 and blue sky,

When the world came to me.

My innermost soul was bared,

Such Passions and butterflies you see,

Not a single cloud in sight,

When the world came to me.

Endless dreams it seemed,

Young pretty and so very free,

How could I resist,

When the world came to me.

Beautiful horizons within my grasp,

How wonderful life was going to be,

She changed it all she did,

When the world came to me.


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The Second Time Around


I hope it all works out,
Lost love his crime,
Hoping for contentment,
He lost it all first time.

Bitterness and feud,
Lost touch with his child,
Hoping time will heal the wound,
For them to be reconciled.



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