of loneliness and tattoos
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Poems. By Andy Bate.

My side of events


How lonely it must be,
Nobody believes you.
You are alone.

How lonely it must be,
Only you believe,
Cast aside like a stone.

How lonely it must be,
An empty heart, a tortured soul,
Why don’t they see.

How lonely it must be,
Knowing the truth and all,
A life of utter misery.


Andy 25/8/2007


a line


My tattoo.


At last I am sixteen,
Gone is the taboo.
Mother is pretty good,
I am getting a tattoo.

Not sure what to get,
A rose , a butterfly, a face.
All I know is I want one,
So I can fit in with my mates.

All my mates show off theirs,
Now its my turn at last.
I really cant wait to show it off,
Oh boy, what a big blast.

Now dad is a different matter I know,
He consented but I know he is mad.
But I wont change my mind,
Even if dad is being dad.

I know it may hurt a bit,
But us teens we don’t care.
Oh , the thrill of it all,
My tattoo laid bare.

Such a big day for me,
I can’t really take it in.
Mum and dad have begrudgingly relented,
A little picture on my skin .

Even when I am old and wrinkly,
And I know it will look kind of pale .
But I got my tattoo at sixteen,
And I will still love it when I am old and frail .


Andy 1/10/2007


a line

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