Part two of a new collection
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Poems by Ashok Niyogi. Part Two.


primordial fish
we are tethered
to his dorsal fin

our pairs of Byzantine opposites
orbit each other
in the holocaust of desire
a Tsunami born of the Deluge
extinguishes all fire

fish swishes tail fin
we are face to face
with our fall from innocence

then we are in the eye
storm reflected
in his single unblinking eye
he glides through waters
ominously still

occasional calculated movement
of massive tail fin
propelled forward at uniform speed
through the infinite

his shadow is even now
animated by shifting debris
it dares to mock his memory
eons after he is gone
we have ceased to lament
the inadequacy of his passing

His Legend

trees have grown
out of his windows for years
on his lawn grass roars
across his path
sits a malevolent full moon

these rapids below
gobble up fallen trees
his kayak is fragile
like the darkness
of his hunting hounds

his forest hungers
after lights that twinkle
there where people live
moonlight frays heartbeats
woodpeckers work overtime
at felling full grown trees

come morning
he will harvest the fallen
and rapidly raft
into singular chaos
he will scrap his fear of grass
and abandon felled trees
and shattered windows


his mirrors stretch him far
images frayed at edges
like foot soldiers in a war

mirrors in the ceiling
reflect his astral being
back down on the floor
this was where he began from
it is all very confusing
these contradictory messages
his cornea passes to mind control

having traveled along
mirrored roads lanes and by lanes
having meandered
hummed and hedged for long
he now aspires
to a mirror less state

News At Two

seventy three were killed by suicide bombs
twelve pilgrims died of oxygen deprivation
in your rare house of worship
sixteen thousand feet above sea level
seventeen teenage prostitutes were crushed
under a seventy year old soggy building
a stray cow went mad with thirst
mutant monkeys looted a banana vendor
a boy of four was shown stitching shrouds
in a mortuary flooded with molten ice
the fetid smell
is an occupational hazard

quirks of human engineering
generate continuous sin

your search engine
advertises investments
in lifestyle mutual funds

Monologue By An Indian Aacademic

(who has dedicated her life
to attendance in conferences)

pesky daffodils
what calamity is this
that has befallen
your sunlit rain
the color of arthritic pain

by the catatonic foot walk
mongrels lurk
the afternoon amplifies
humid moans
of cats in heat
at the cross roads
eunuchs air their private parts

philistines prepare
to storm your bastions
with their prayer beads
quality controlled brides
entice your sons
with languorous thighs

warped cypress look macabre
in discount store bikinis
on the familiar alien beach
sea lions lactate
honest American lard

spinsters settle into evening
far from home
among red blooded redwood trees

a line

Part one of this new collection

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