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Five Poems
by Blanca Alicia Garza


Cherished Dream


If I must leave you first and travel into that world of wondrous chimera my love, don't cry for me, as that would hurt my soul.

Just close your eyes and feel my presence by your may not see me for I now rest inside your heart, feel me there.

Please my love, never forget our cherished dreams, lift your face and smile at the Full Moon and always remember it was you who healed my broken heart. The body dies and becomes ashes but the soul is eternal, and mine will remain with you... until we meet again...Two Hearts, One Soul.



a line, (a short blue one)


My Dear Me


Please forgive me...
for all the tears you've shed,
for all those sleepless nights thinking of what you did wrong,
for letting them clip your wings and steal the smile from your face.
Please forgive me...
for making you feel lonely when I was your only hope,
for letting the sparkle in your eyes extinguish.
I understand now that I should love you more,
that I should not let anyone cut your wings,
nor let anyone steal the shimmering Moon in your eyes,
the passion that's within your soul.
My Dear Me... please forgive.

P.S.  I Love You.



a line, (a short blue one)


My Beloved Poet


I wasn't looking when I found you, but I've been expecting you forever.
You turned into everything I wished and wanted, bringing peace to my tormented soul.
You turned my gray days into colorful rainbows, while each of your tender words were tattooed deep inside my heart. You've caressed me without touching me.
Your unconditional love returned my smile and faith in love.



a line, (a short blue one)


Whispering Stars


As the Moon rises and illuminates the evening sky

It awakens desires of love from so very far away

A soulful shooting star ignites the night

While my heart beats on, I silently cry

I saw that stellar sight tonight and made a wish

I wished for the day that I will see your face

Hold your hand and feel your tender kiss

Perhaps the distance may separate our bodies,

But our love rises together, as two souls in love.



a line, (a short blue one)




Pale Moonlight

Lonely Soul

Misty Night

Chilling my Bones

Walking Alone

Within the Dark

Trying to Find

Peace to my Heart

Dark Path

Feeling Lost

Shadowy Forms

Following Me Down

Foggy Night

Cold Stinging Tears

The Pale Moonlight

Shyness Speaks,

My Only Companion;

The Howling Wolf.




a line, (a blue one)


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