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Beans. By Samantha McCulloch

The baked bean and the coffee bean
lived mostly in the kitchen.
Baked bean had a lot of gas
and coffee bean was always twitchin'.

Although they shared a family name
they did not associate,
in fact, for one another they
had feelings close to hate.

Baked bean and his friends
were often canned and wrecked.
They sniggered and told farty jokes
quite politically incorrect .

Baked beans hung around in sauce
while the coffee bean society,
saw themselves most generally
as a wisely powerful force.

They felt their conversations
were extremely stimulating
as they sat 'round anticipating
the great time of percolating.

Then one morning bright and early
t'was time to meet their fate
it started at the breakfast table
in a matching mug and plate.

But with one swift slurp and one quick chomp
and with an completely unknown bun,
they found themselves together
as they mushed up into one.

Confused they slipped and gurgled
as they journeyed down and 'round a bend,
and found they had a lot in common after all
when they finally reached the end.


© Winamop 2004