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Excerpts from"By The River". By J.B. Pick.

the booklet

By The River 1

Ankle deep she stands

In the glittering stream,

Grey-haired from time's demands,

Lost in a dream.

Now she's a child again

Time only seems.

By The River 2

Water seethes and swirls

Bearing bubbles, first class,

On nobody's business,

A calculus of curves

Illustrating the book of time.

By The River 3

Water has a race with time,

Drawing memories on white rock.

Dr. Quantum's Mathematics

"I was by Dr Absence taught

The square root of naught,

Which enables me to declare

The exact position of nowhere."

The Questioning Moon

The moon with her attendant star

Asked us then, when we last met;

We don't know what her questions are,

But now she stares them

and we can't forget

They've never had an answer yet.

How we live now

"Let us be rational," the wise man said.

So they shot him through the head.

"Revenge! Revenge!" his people cried;

Then whole cities died.

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