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Along The Shore
by Fred Miller



A pixie shower of stars sparkles in the mists that lie over

the blue-green breakers on the shore where I take a morning

walk. I am reminded of a bright light in my heart that

fills my memories with cherished times we spent together.


Soon rays of a new day’s sun will glorify the shore

with a rhapsody of rainbows, a reminder that,

though the steps I take in these sands may fade,

the vows we treasured are moored in my heart.


The widespread white wings on the gulls above shimmer

in the blue morning air as they wheel about in stately

pavanes. And I think of those moments of happiness

we were certain would remain forever and a day.


Yet the timeless tides portend bright omens of abiding hope

for me. I find comfort knowing a day will come when

once again, we will be together laughing and teasing and knowing

a thousand, thousand days will never, ever keep us apart again.



a line, (a blue one)


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