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Five Poems
by Fabrice B. Poussin




Breaking Away


Take those limbs and tear them apart

give them away to the needy

for love, for pain, for a breath come at last.


Explode the tears, vanish the soul

grab at those insides feed them to the dogs

shed the juices of vague sweetness and steel.


Twigs in a game of poker for the destitute

trap the heart, squeeze it in the fatal vise

slowly moving between galaxies and destinies.


Capture the breath in the infinite cosmos

dim its light and crush its last hope

it is time to break this life in two.




a line, (a short blue one)





I watched the ladder collapse

rungs rotten to the core

breaking like twigs in a hurricane.


It once aimed for the skies

fresh of ancestral lumber

smiling to the stars above at peace.


It seemed to journey to infinity

as if jettisoned by a mystical force

living each day in grandiose ecstasy.


And there it stood its head in the clouds

hoping for an eternity

read in novels of old romances.


Nonchalant in the face of suffering

ignoring the arrogance of the world

it knew the joys of the innocent.




a line, (a short blue one)



Forever Ago


It has been ten minutes and a few decades

A wintery breeze short of a high plain tornado

At the bottom of a mountain mother of



Seconds ago it was another century or perhaps

A millennium. Skies turned to strange hues of grey

Swept by eternal torrents of watery air

The Pacific


Hands continue to mark daily routines

Upon fiery entrails refusing to die

Hesitating as a ghost attracted to the void

Of Vesuvius.


Still now, sitting upon an invisible throne

He contemplates a minute infinity

One and all within the final destination

In Space.




a line, (a short blue one)



Her Domain


Her universe is made of unknown lands

she rushes through the days without anchor

little girl playing on the grounds of her days

no one can direct her to freeze or slow down.


I once thought I caught a sight of the apparition

vapor around the corner of a favored alley

she floated into the dark fumes of grilled nuts

the heavy drops of pearl and steel meant nothing.


The vision came along seeking an origin

but to vanish when I turned around to see

the weight of her being that of a feather

caressing my day as she teased with her soul.


Opening the gate to the icy abode

I looked back and heard the touch of a smile

the terror that was hers to be discovered at last

to relinquish access to more than just her ghost.


Would tonight the time she would choose to come in?

to become the one she once was but had to hide

would she, in the depth of the day answer my prayers

to exit the chrysalis, and gently flutter into my home. 




a line, (a short blue one)



Like a Pearl


It runs like water through the streets of man,

unknown is the beginning of this torrent,

chiseling new scars on the faces of children,

smiles erased on the lips of goddesses.


From heights to depths, it knows no predator;

streams, lakes, oceans and glaciers,

all recall births when humanity still slept

within idyllic dreams, in heaven.


It reaches to skyscrapers, the tallest towers,

flies through space, even attends concerts,

savors a meal with acquaintances and friends,

fears going to the street market on Sunday.


A single tear, universal, transparent and salty,

like a prism of infinite colors, blinding

it has grown from age to eons in sorrow,

so large to engulf the world in one last outburst.




a line, (a blue one)


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