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Poems. By G David Schwartz.


Oh, My God


Oh my god I heard her say
He was a chimp this fine day
And thought I loosened closer
I heard her say over and over
He is a champ he is a champ he is a champ


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Day Dreams Out On The Limbs


You know Rick?
I've been thinking of him

He told me once about his woman
And I was drinking gin
He was not funny
He was not cruel
He was merely nothing
But a big fool
And actually even at that
He was not at all at all fat  
He was just a foolish fool


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Open Your Tired Eyes To Life


Pour a cup of coffee pour pour pour   
But make sure sure sure
That the drops don't fall
On the floor floor floor  
For then your need a mop mop mop
To clean the liquid up up up


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Snow Flakes Fall


The snow flakes fall
And I know why
The snow flakes fall from the sky
Yes I know why but don't know how
It is hat they all fall down  
And if you want I can tell you
Its just the truth if you want to know
Show flakes fall down to make the snow
To make women and men of snow
Snow flakes fall down
Because of gravity
And so they cannot fall up
(Actually I have a very intelligent daughter, two in fact, but one asked with the circling of the earth why they can not fall up…)




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