Light of life
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Poem by Joshua Coetzee.

Why did I contrive
to find such a disguise
and hide
my sacred soul.

I pay the tolls again and again
punishment after punishment
no other species on this earth dare
punish themselves more than once
for one mistake.

I hid what was mine and no others
I hid what was pure and beautifull
hid my light in the dark
for fear of not being the same.

why be the same as those who have no light
why have fear of my unique being
why did I let others tell me i was less
why did I believe the lie that was placed
merely to make them feel better.

knowing they had little to none of my light
they could not take the sight
and in low voices and sly splices
began to fight
my light.

so why .....

why did I contrive
to find such a disguise
and hide
my sacred soul.

no more will I hide
no more will I try to find
a cover for what should be so free
I will allow my self to be
just be the me i know ive always been.
no longer to live there imposed lie
but only my truth.

I am made of light
I am made of stars
I am made of love
no one can change me

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