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by JD DeHart




The Smartest


Couldn’t, she said,

so I wouldn’t.  I have

a Master’s degree, she

told me, which means

I’m one of the smartest

people you will ever

meet.  Ha ha.  I muse

on this at the feet of

men and women who

have advanced degrees.

People like you, but

they don’t understand

you, she said.  Who makes

a life of don’t

and can’t? Who hems

in the mind of the young

like a row of mountains?




a line, (a short blue one)



Old Sayings


The wisdom is years

ago can be turned like

a prism.  Teaching old

dogs new tricks can

sometimes mean the old

dogs are the teachers.

A bush might be worth

two birds, especially

if one likes landscaping.

The good old days were

not so good for all,

the symbols of that time

swaying in the wind with

pride are cloth and stone

stingers for others.




a line, (a short blue one)





when I was sick

you saved me with your

problem-solving skills


I read panel by panel

as you encountered strange

creatures and madmen


but you could handle it all.


It didn’t matter if you were

on the big screen with dark

music, or Adam West on my

small screen with a lighter



I knew I could keep

my foes at bay, be resourceful,

and be okay.  Everything would

be okay.


So now, I give you The Detective.

How could he not be here,

in this city, among these other



Of course, he has his own city

to dwell in.  So, I won’t detain him.




a line, (a short blue one)





you may not see me

I’m barely there.

just a speck sitting in your

favorite chair.


I used to be a giant but by

some enchantment became

the size of a pea.  Never more

the same.


I’ll climb into secret places,

maybe shrink down even more,

hide in your bloodstream,

even up the score.




a line, (a short blue one)





light of a nightly moon

on another world

illuminates the sharp line


of his dramatic mask


reciting, rehearsing, again and again,

whispering into

cloak, delivering lines with a bellow


and light chuckle


the Dramatic knows how to paint

the scene – calm, passionate, or




as he dashes across the stage

or the skyline


taking items with his light lyrical

hands as he goes


thief who always gets the best

lines, picks your pockets, then


has the audacity to go on

and steal the show.




a line, (a blue one)


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