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Jalpan Lala





The only sunshine I see, When I open up my eyes.

U are the only  dew,  I can  see after each sunrise.

Shining so bright even the diamond are deem.

And while I sip my tea, u r that warmth,

U run inside me to open up my veins to happiness.

The Me inside dwelt in U,

While  I was wandering hither and tither.

Inside this cage, I am in;

I have my world sparkling just in U.

The wings are growing to fly high above

Your whispers blows the wind to it.

Deep inside, it craves for U,

Just let me meet the Soul in U.

And when we meet soul to soul,

Let all fire get ignited in us.

Just both of us and the wind around

Ur mellow touch and I will melt.

When I melt, just hold me tight

In your arms and with your warmth

So that u stay wrapped over me,

In my weakest moments too.

All I can do is hold u on me

And swirl my fingers in your hair.

I play with you joyously, and take u in me,

So when you leave, I smell just U..




a line, (a short blue one)





When the sun sets deep

And the moon takes the charge

My soul seeks you

To enter ME...

Under the roof of glittery skies

Where the river burble loud

I want to shine

And flow with U...

And the swishing breeze around

With the rustling of leaves above

My soul mourns

To abduct U....

And as the dark goes deeper

Where the last ray vanish

I wish to dive

In your cavernous eyes

And while the dawn rises

Spreading it's arms

I wrap U up

Profoundly within

Until it illuminates the world

N gleams again

My soul finds urs

As forever One...

- -Jalpanoholic




a line, (a short blue one)





U know what is this longings to me?

I crave for ur warmth,

As I can do without air,

As I can stay without water,

As I can hold my breath forever

But I just long for u

To be in ur Arms

And feel the eternal peace

May be momentary

So that I can survive

In this ruthless world….




a line, (a short blue one)





I still believe in fairies

and the magic at dawn

I’m full of wanderlust

the belief that we can fly

and that our hearts are tied to the moon

I love butterfly wings

and simply being here at all

and if I could catch clouds in my hands

I would give them to you

so you could never fall




a line, (a short blue one)





I want u here

Below my neck

Over my heart beat

I want u here

Below my body

Between my legs

I want u here

The all of u

I will take.

I want u here

To be just U

Enduring and forever

I want u here

Each Sunshine

And when sun sets

I want u here

At dusk

And at dawn

I want u here

To win me

Over you

I want u here

I want u here

- -jalpanoholic




a line, (a blue one)


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