conflagation, passion and squirrels
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New poems by KJ Hannah Greenberg.


Rubricing Life


She sorted first class from second, parcel from post,

Assured by friends and acquaintances that her half dozen narcissus bulbs,

Such shriveled bronze and pink promises,

Could not more readily, invisibly, integrate into favored unions,

Than might a safe marriage or a surprise pregnancy.


To wit, she doused her former paramour’s mail,

With lighter fluid, having ascertained that all lipstick-besmirched missives

Were documented for the jury.


a little blue line


Twined, We Two, Tenderly (an Anglo-Saxon prosody)


Someday, twined, we two, tenderly, will issue,

A simple sowing; sprouts’ spontaneous yield.

Today’s entanglements, meanwhile, beckon future visions,

Joy! They’re exquisite exercises; in happiness, also pleasure.


Arms encircled, legs woven tight,

Such bare skin blossoms, discretely delights,

His and her hands, hair-trigger love.

Expedited highs, euphoria.


Hustled up hints, bring forward thrills,

Secret caches split, we resolve potentials,

Tiny tidbits, taken with kisses,

We cuddle, kindle wishes.


a little blue line


Neighborhood Nuisances through Cats’ Eyes


Squirrels busied with their crazed devices tend to miss humans’ obsequious acts;

Most nutters adjure efforts, creating caches grand enough to satisfy viziers.

Jejune in their sensibilities, with homes all the more resembling aerial gopher holes,

Those flying vermin insist that without turf markings, all backyards remain their imbroglios.

Invidious others, after all, are plentiful in the arboreal community. No exceptions.


Indoors, diffident two-footers, attach ells to collars, proof bird feeders against theft,

Try to erect unnatural barriers among species. Even the family basset howls when furry prowlers

Dance. For sorts who suck on pearls at weddings, such acting out succeeds in avoiding

Choleric rodents’ remonstrations, also the disapproval of mothers-in-law, bounty hunters,

Clerics, despots, plus kindergarten teachers. Wee critters’ polemics rebuff most predators.


Consider that actions inimical to the interests of backyard fauna elsewise overwinter

Extravagance, youth, pregnancy, and increased tariffs on bubblegum. If sparrows would only

Volunteer themselves to enervate before kitty cats’ dishes, fat toms, lazy queens, smug kittens

Might unsettle nearby bipeds by engaging in vainglorious strutting, commonplace purring, farts.

Meanwhile, perfidy remains the province of felines great and small, tree rats notwithstanding.



a line, (a blue one)


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