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Three Poems
by KJ Hannah Greenberg




On Sounding Like a Basset Hound


I sound like a Basset Hound, all snuffly phonemes

Bounding out of my mouth when invited to speak

Poems I’ve fashioned, on-air, online, or in front of

Audiences politely buying tickets to such readings.


Open mikes, similar to bathing suits, reveal more

Bumps, scars, (intellectual) cellulite than better

Covering attire. Yet, they’re suitable for events

Which require no special garb or true sensibility.


If only tears, frowns, bad memories, clogged throats

Less than words could show, I’d elocate like angels,

Vibrate my sentences comparable to aquatic royalty,

Echo verbal impressions in the way of outworlders.


These days, though, I splutter motes, slobber calls

To love, to lighten prejudice, to embrace the good

Natural to men, women, children. Thus, my verses

Inflict pals with short-legged noise, low-eared racket.



a line, (a short blue one)



Duplicitous, Bleeding Hearts and Vagabonds


Powers and values differ among groups

Such that transitional stages of processes,

Except for men with benevolent miens,

Frequently entail sanguinary goings-on.


Nonetheless, the ballad of the celebrated,

Expensive, anti-tank, rustproof keychain,

All apotheositic in its precipitous outcome,

Overhauled recognized civic conventions.


The tale’s nisi jurisdiction, its elliptical

Expression, went unchallenged because

Our verge of dairy cow pastures, our

Fringe, arable lands, crofts, remain vital.


Intrinsically, our most arduous defense,

Ever argued by our office, detonated,

Discharging chipped porcelain façades,

Also spotty overhauls of social gnashnabs.


Thereafter, the public lapsed from sublime

To trivial, in prioritizing our preparations

For contingencies blistering, maybe colder.

Lamentably, we frittered away much time.


Today, we yet chafe from the concomitant

Strictures of yesterday’s communal promotion.

Wealth, enviable providence, overall, escapes

Us, except in beef farming, swine health.


At best, we log bonus hours examining

Abnormal exists. It’s possible, eusociality

Will prevail, will provide fictional reads, 

Will make utter losers erstwhile winners.



a line, (a short blue one)



That Sexy Hamster


That sexy hamster, innocent wink-a-peeps,

Soft fur, tumescent digits, warm fragrance,

Wiggly haunches, is louche with practice.


That rodent’s nature hangs on a truth more

Real than peacock frantlings, fish gestations,

Varieties of sex aids sold in high street shops.


After all, irked mammals, like their happy

Counterparts, take comfort from trading hugs, 

Plus rubbing noses, squashing sensitive bits.


Accordingly, it’s of no surprise that whiskered

Effusion, among rotund four-footers, continues

The rhetoric of breeding, plus social position.


Without creating numerous litters, no mouse-

Like critter could support their kind in slowly,

Methodically, taking control of the world.




a line, (a blue one)


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