collateral damage?
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by KJ Hannah Greenberg




Nuclear Springtime



That radioactive satellite, the one crashed into Canada’s northwestern quarter,

Saved New York from nuclear bombardment, her inhabitants from deliquescing

Until such time as politicians might use catchwords for “global peace,” “unity.”


It seems that underworld bosses worked together, on the sly, to stymie the calamity,

To save American’s most brazen city along with Moscow. Those crooks rejected all

Transnational rectifications, knowing government representatives obviate goodwill.


They were okay sacrificing Cacnucks. To self-serving Mafioso, vast timberlands,

Crystal lakes, bounteous reserves of buffalo, elk, wolf, reindeer, and coyotes serve

Ecologists, not power brokers, improve the planet, aid no international influencers.




a line, (a short blue one)



I Observed the World



From a mountain top,

Covered in summer flowers,

I observed the world.




a line, (a short blue one)



Pleomorphic Happiness



Occasionally, “true love” gets spurned in favor of gymnasts’ pictures or Asian Studies notes.

Even pretty boiseries function contrariwise when painted over with dried latex, dirty brushes.

Whereas “trashing” initially meant repurposing unclaimed goods, today, it references trouble.

Pleomorphic happiness isn’t limited to reshaping symbols by means of malignant neoplasms

Or countering evidence that injurious replies to environmental states requiring answerability.

Rather, clam broth promises, misleading car ads, Artex plus Anaglypta, half pennies, endure.


Semiannual vacations serve little use when sourced at locales like Socotra Island, Andorra,

Lesotho, Zambia’s Four Corners, Kasane, Campione d’Italia ( regardless of Wi-Fi access).

Scrim’s wonders, too, are inhibited by disagreeable upholstery fashions, stale bread salvers.

Autumnal pleasures, after all, are best left for red carpet recognition, See, Little League All

Star games, grandmas confusing “oldness” with “boldness,” pedigreed Lowchens, Salukis,

Tend to rely on taped books, “borrowing” other folks’ judgements, also the newest nail art.




a line, (a blue one)


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