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3 Poems
by KJ Hannah Greenberg




Simple Physics


The more elevated the lift, the greater the amount of potential energy gained during exertions.

Still, heroes stay liable for accretions, or, inversely, for placing sales before literary qualities -

there’s no excerption unless judge-issued, probable cause-based, excuses become publicized.


When a crime is observed by corporate heads or wharfingers, folks whose lives seem like long

Glissades, measured in ice axes, weighty tuna, and mafia-driven kickbacks, consider absolute

Freedoms lost, lunches of pitaya wedges stale, advertisements incapable of owning audiences.


Commensality, it seems, only works when volition’s redirected toward concord, coinage, sex.

Enemies’ putative plans, superlative to kindred qualities supported by panegyrics, build curious

Narrative. Not balletomanes or pataphysics enthusiasts can successfully commence afterward.


Handcuffs, plus a cruiser for protection, make uniformed representatives’ official arrests easier.

Police don’t have to pronounce ritualized words; “capture” occurs only when resistance begins.

Subsequently, useful uppitiness follows quashed; no mulligans, on alternate occasions, are

Put forward.




a line, (a short blue one)



A Pool of Private Students


University classes, like the relative attractiveness of aging spinsters, develop

Means of surviving combinations of low interest and higher fees; they slot

Content before creativity, disabuse Internet polls, languish unfriendly to fey.


These days, schools field sufficient drive to aspire ample feints minus “woodland

Precipitations,” though their proficiencies lead online shops toward Miranda Rights.

After all, sinamay hats can serve as books, as records, or as other source materials.


Proffering mainstream popularity, without kowtowing to every douche persons’

Falsehoods, presents baseness as: cheap wallpaper, cheery goss, en bois curios,

Simultaneous to laboring through anecdotes about classmates’ quiddities, tastes.


Ordinarily, selling audio and electronic rights, making exclusive compacts for

Tetrachromatic expressions, elsewise visiting numinous helpers, even disclosing

Caches of grimoires, aid in outing flâneurs plus in broadcasting noisome ideas.


People dabbling in pataphysics ought, forever, to accept pals’ vigorishes, whilst

Skipping classics. Ogres seem increasingly depend on internal and external truth,

Validity, as well as on relevant friandise around which tutelary folks tender tales.


So it goes that power’s underappreciated by publics not possessing refined stuffs,

Whether large mammals, car ads, word smithing processes, pert essay collections,

Cacti indie thinkers hide behind park follys when selling wares to dog groomers.




a line, (a short blue one)



A Sunny Day in Beer Sheva


Whether or not IDF’s au courant on malign Bedouins, Syrian insurgents, nasties sourced

From Gaza, it remains a sunny day in Israel’s southern capitol of Beer Sheva, the Negev’s

Cultural and technical center.  Despite questionable morality’s impacts on individuals, our

Reality, collective and personal, dictates that “lachrymose” enemies need to be confronted.


Regardless if the Kinneret rises, receives sufficient rain, or recedes, we ought to squeak

Past red lines, feed fishermen, fill up families, encourage tribal lineage’s stability. Kin

Dance adjacent to Tiberia’s hillsides, remain opposed to kowtowing to UN’s hegemony,

That pitching plus peddling of pugnacious persons’ folderol, of much dreadful poppycock.


Tsfat’s holy, is home to wise men’s graves, old synagogues, outlying woodlands bursting

With moss or fern understories, vibrant jonquils, cyclamens, lacks kipples like bomb-laden

Balloons equipped with deadly cargo, commodities for enterprising hoodlums. Intended

Routes for titivate, ancient glory are lush with life, not chock-a-block with deadly stuffs.


After all, vineyards won’t ripen when harsh interpretations of “goings-on,” customs,

Language proffer just curare-tipped sharps, malign broadcasts strung branch to branch,

Repugnant adversaries intent on deleting birthrights by way of ideological blow-downs.

Confronting truth, they cannot conjure any heroes or activate scarce meters of steel plate.


Jerusalem worries over no politicos’ gantry cranes, stands resolute, betrays no historic

Eschatology. Conscientiousness concomitant to consecrated life grasps illusionary traits

As bereft of benefits synchronous to aides-mémoires, as lacking healthy communication

Apparatuses, as needing ancient objet trouvés. The Almighty’s dictates run unmatched.


National self-esteem won’t to be squeezed by outlanders’ failures no matter how often

Bloviating envoys, ambassadors, couriers “demonstrate” discrimination as uprightness.

Vituperations, via cultural appropriation, global miscalculations, academic brow beating,

Bare nothing relative to international realities. We sagaciously ignore media peccadillos.




a line, (a blue one)


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