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by KJ Hannah Greenberg





Superiors’ Specifications


She was paid well to kill several exotic creatures,

Scaly, slimy beasts, all mottled, even cold-blooded,

Pets of corporate lawyers plus some beggar proxies.


Beyond the teeth, claws, many toxins, outworlders

Remained unthreatened, persisted as trade partners;

Intellectual prowess usually wins over most worlds.


Few leads owning rumblegumption raised objections.

They, likewise, employed beings as narratives’ actors,

Elsewise exiled folk to the dated Kingdom of Sikkim.


Hence, denizens, all a fluster, felt deep swivet, buckled.

(Unlike dodgy balladeers’ products, Old World animals

Agendas traffic sluggishly, massacred fiends excepted.)


Political correctness’ vulgar nature, no matter precisely 

The soft objects rubricked as “ideologically dangerous,”

Washes up in despair and attempts passé civic function.


At least such bosh successfully impacts idiots, often

Contextualizes sentiment, nickel and dimes stomach-

Churning-linked advocacy, kinkajou’s prehensile tails.


Elsewhere, underhanded producers infuse manuscripts,

Mask worthy messages as void of critical or creative

Motes (both deliberately plus mistakably). We’re sunk.



a line, (a short blue one)



Not Loving the CDC’s Word Ban


Banning lexicon is old school, like censoring: Brave

New World, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird,

All Quiet on the Western Front, Persepolis, Candide.


Term lists ought not to proscribe equality. Municipal

Boldness, realized thru rhetorical vehicles, exposure,

Evidence-based forms of unusual platforms, obliges.


See, diversity increases awareness. Idiolects encourage

More than “7 Words You Can’t Say on TV,” safeguard

Against certain groups’ entitlement superseding justice.


It’s known that hate names cause populations’ collapse,

Suffer vulnerable folk to kowtow to discrimination - no

Matter peccadilloes of handcuffed language, judgment.


Not any science-based “verities” belong before liberties;

Even “slogging masses” need determine whether simple

Speech or magniloquence best supplies privation, tastes.


Eliminating descriptions like “transgender” oddly vogues

Archaic anopisthographs, triggers “modern” medicine to

Become “politics as usual,” rather than flowering mutiny.


Critical thinking appears in the fetus stage, towered over

By budget deliberations, Capitol Hill say-so, selfish goals.

Nevertheless, championing communication remains noble.



a line, (a short blue one)




Other Olden, “Logy” Communications


Given our present dearth of overall decent characters, those folks, who might vault beyond

Current mutagenicity, continue to advise: sheltering among obdurate guardians, skipping all



Carpine minds esteem temporal and fiduciary investments of an anodyne nature, highly praise

Potemkin village rhetoric. They “esteem” preventing corsairs’ infiltration, pilfering, pillaging,



It’s not dysthymia, but erstwhile abnormal functions, which appear sound, in lieu of random

Flummery, pusillanimous tribute, chin feathers, donkey tails, baldrics, hiccups, maybe asps’



Unlike most fireplace analogies, supports for ideas, whether sourced from cognitive spanners

Or from hammer-like habitués accustomed to hot beverages, dewars, tea service, horse sense,



Bute, akin to fresh analgesic drugs, offers no resistance to infernal plots, yet remains popular.

(We even now clinch adamantine beliefs in the suitability of the Insen scale, vinegar malts, wilding,



Moreso, choropleth maps, from which we learn “collective truths:” cull Internet music, use

Buprenorphine for opioid addiction, reject homeopathic dental treatments, as well as linger



Furthermore, vellichor is yesteryear’s parlous moment. Civility, too, stays antiquated; none

Seek tokens of proven decorum, manners explored in archives, prayers, other olden, “logy”



Ultimately, pogonips, thunder storms, khamsins equally trouble engaged cleaning crews;

“Ordinary,” exiguous messes, whose polyphonic cores resound boldly, cause unrelenting





a line, (a blue one)


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