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by KJ Hannah Greenberg




Quondam Excellence


Sticky content, published intending to boomerang its patrons,

Akin to other written bits featuring horse-whispered pythons,

Perennial prickles of invented hedgehogs and avuncular cats,

Leaves no clue that regulated turkey meat can’t get distributed

To Komodo dragons until a malamoodle or two are consumed.


New editions of toasters, dishwashers, furnaces, notwithstanding,

It’s become increasingly urgent for clumsy or botched attempts

At acquiring sinecures, to be better rehearsed; most societies yet

Believe it’s an uncommon privilege to eat lots of press releases,

Complain in international forums, watch popcorn fairies dance.


After all, waste bins remain finite, frightful, ill-conceived beasts.

Homework assignments, mostly those arranged for broad daylight,

Still cause imbroglios, still curry partiality among squamous sorts.

See, requiring new data from nerds implies concealing big demons.

If only teacher rethought their fondness for “deadline-related” gaps,

We’d use our letups for lunar travel or for movie theatre vacations.


In the interim, there’s no corrective to parents’ values, no substitutes

For kindred grownups’ tenets.  Despite sundry oldsters’ appearances,

Forcing them to commit to cultural appreciations of feathers, to bind

With uncommon paragraphs of learning, chickweed, quells no hunger.

The ability to recite long dead lyrics isn’t anodyne for self-reflection.

Threadbare hearts spit extant judicious ammunition while wrenching.



a line, (a short blue one)



Somnolent Lounging on the Sofa


We’re fixed, in our minds, that vulnerable parties require safety over comfort. Anyway,

Given the legalized abuse of children, women, and animals (via federal ambient noise,

Also by communities of readers glomming to bodice rippers and blood-tinged pages),

We will fail.


Hurt’s no question of class prejudice or racial injustice; rather, stepping on lives rounds

From: interest in protexia over justice, fame over character, plus fortune beyond civility.

Too few actions, nowadays, galvanize heroes, keep citizens from harm. Moreso, shared

Reality seems messed up.


The status quo, despite its “caveat emptor” exposition, suffers as a hotbed of vituperating

Publics. Taken together, we consume risky ideas, regulatory inspectors plus old engineers

Notwithstanding.  Rare allochtoons yet believe honesty’s myth or invest in vitiated oaths;

We’ve failed.


Accordingly, society perches some distance away from painful, physical interactions.

When a man and a woman commit to building a home together, Heaven hankers, but

Sighing stays missing in couples lacking thaumaturgy; currently, all “magic” is gone.

Reality’s messed up.


Relations became confounded as proffered information about work, leisure, habits, values

Emerged perplexing. Ethnogenetics increasingly wrought to reify groups, establish ethics.

What’s more, faute de mieux, numerous tertiary schools feted intolerance for spiritual folks.

We’d failed.


On balance, because marital hazards are dissimilar, relationship got unjustly weighted.

When feeling cantankerous, or otherwise culling scripted outside morals, unswerving

Types took to somnolent lounging on the sofa, to respecting peculating ideas kill chaps.

Reality was messed up.


a line, (a short blue one)



Precordial Thump


Horrible aggressions remain sufficiently uncomfortable to think round, endeavor

Toward, respond to (tolerating abuse is antithetical to all moral punctiliousness.)

Yet, ne’er will we rule the cosmos, or, inversely, restrain pernicious individuals.

Concurrently, inviting peers to interpret essential items for themselves is stupid,

As long as they’ll allege that their “constrained interpretations” are appropriate.

Thus, others’ nonmindfulness botches pleasure of even hope borne by breathing.


All in all, some of us delay concerns about: rape, misogynous carnal encounters,

Gender prejudice at home or school, abortion, and single parenthood’s mutilation

Of self-authority. Risky social myths abound around: stalking, domestic violence,

Exploitation, cruel animal husbandry, maltreatment of zoo animals, “customary”

Predation, harassment, elder harm, subjugated civil rights, enforced castes. In talk

Email, texts, “wisdom” apropos apartments, finals, taxes, utters nothing on “evil.”


Prejudice against differently able, mentally challenged, neuro diverse folks, child

Molestation, desertion, PTSD, the beholding of carers’ misuse, filicide, bullying,

Genocide, reversionist acts build paddocks for otherwise compos mentis mortals.

We forget that “women” are not “vaginas,” but complex entities; nurslings need

Not to grow in fear or develop broken self-esteem-they are precious; pets should

Not be thrown into cooking pots. It’s our duty to guard, not exploit, all of nature.


The boreens between arteries and the heart’s remote passages constantly stream

With red messengers, filling days and nights with corporeal bogies, plus tutelary

Rhythms. Yet, synchronized with rubrics for surge, those sectors spurt warnings.

Acting “in a scholarly manner” used to require hiding: dewars, nice hair, Bibles.

These days, substitute demographics, whose service vectors ebb from blossoms,

Elsewhere determine noxiousness per inventing and vending small manuscripts.


It’s easier to integrate values via cat-like people or multi-legged monsters than

Comprehend basic truths of human faults. In excusing so many uncanny valleys,

We’ve become the felons; we’ve grown contented with reprehensible veracities.

It’s time to: yield “sagacity” found in contemporary junkies’ wishful judgments,

Transform our customs’ character, allow ourselves dissonance’s wretchedness.

We can be heroes contesting taxing certs, or cowards if we accomplish elsewise.




a line, (a blue one)


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