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by KJ Hannah Greenberg





Especially the common vetch, growing as though no

Amount of vining stems nor fine foliage might effect

The availability of provender.


Rather, such cover crops, else wild vicias, maybe

Effortlessly “feeds” cattle herds, even as, killing

Cows plus bulls.


See, beauty sometimes hides toxicity, covers over

Bad elements, conceals the old poisons that harm

Human relationships.




a line, (a short blue one)



Nowt of Water


Nothing, naught, nil, zilch, zero, until

Local nalas fill with gushes of sweet



Even if we grue, cold or fearful, too,

Not anything will alter less we have



Condescension’s a true desiccant, sucks

Life from pugnacious pairs, disappoints



It’s still bad to delaminate, to separate

Affections. The best aquatics unite as




a line, (a short blue one)





Narrow country roads’ dirt-covered hush, save for traffic circles

Where local juntos’ men loom to ambush, await wealthy tourists’

Dollars, euros, yen.


Thick swatches of greenery hide psittacines, also cats so large

As to gobble discarded hostages, prevent government lackeys

From challenging marauders.


Despite beauty, whether Darién Gap or the Gulf of Aden, else

The American House of Representatives’ thickets, innocents

Lose life and limb.


Please step away from salesmen offering magnificent, dense,

Tangled vegetation. Resist bucket list urges; don’t transverse

Known tree coteries.




a line, (a blue one)


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