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by KJ Hannah Greenberg



The Delight of Durian


Smelly things, sometimes, even stinky fruit, can be understood as

Neologisms necessary for receiving an enrichment inherent in odd



Alternatively, upon choking out suspicions, one can bury feelings

Under further discards, test the limits of sendal-spun banners and



First obligations, upon returning home, include hugs, cleaning up

Cat litter, likewise, dealing with assorted stinky matters, forgoing



Biker pants, left in sock piles, oft prelude curly slide visits, avert

Small creatures from changing in sandboxes and losing all sarnie



So, lycra gets stretched over butts and bellies, kids get wrapped in

Sweaters, cheese puff plus juice boxes get collected, playgrounds



If only putrid produce could vanquish all exercised options, bring

Harmony to families, provide pet care, additionally unify laundry,

We’d survive.



a line, (a short blue one)



Similarly Trendy Topics


Recently, “#MeToo” lodged as a trendy topic for periodicals pursuing big

Audiences. During that progression, conceptual synopses of race or gender

Were reckoned as “sexy.” Writings “reiterated” humanity’s achievements.

Both small and large discoveries awarded involuntary and chosen patrons,

Whose images posed apparent quandaries for contemporary systems—all

Approved talk was entangled in narrow plans, chin wag, pyramid schemes.


It’s “unwise” to befriend aspersive discourse fonts, else bestow credence

On efforts disproportional to possible social good. Rather, the capacity of

Accessible issues frequently, simultaneously legitimizes old rank & file.

Whenever community decisions/social acceptance crawls along implied

Coordinates, it remains similar to mediated platforms’ verdicts, emulates

Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, also impacts the espousing of shared fixes.


On balance, knowledge’s distribution, alike critical thinking’s increase,

Reflects the navigation of cultural crossings, accounts for methods used

In exploring connotations, relative to activities' incalculable magnitudes.

Original or additional insights further investigations that prove practical.

Morality’s an applied process when kittens eat finches, not when clutch

Rhetoric rewrites texts as theoretical proclamations, synthesizes verities.


Expansive arguments’ creativity, designation, and theory building ability

Are justly significant communication acts. Ideologies, like icons, should

Function as available means of resolving incommensurate, ethical claims.

Ultimately, despite historical questions, truth is acknowledged, wrestled

Against explicitly specified philosophical, verbal viewpoints. Linguistic

Causality, thus, still motivates us (clandestinely) to elevate our situations.




a line, (a short blue one)





It’s neither unusual nor remarkable to attract attention

Via rough or angry ways. Every experienced oi brings

Concommitant corpuses of misshaped circumstances.

Even losels suffer when bombarded by livid remarks.

After all, isotropic rhetoric tends to level fields where

Incensed others blow smoke, then words, out orifices.


As folks choose creational singularity if emoting, they

Mostly remain challenged when constructing identities, 

When inventing liberating ideologies. Encompassing’s

Better. Fortunately, not all dispatches leak like riddles-

Various places feature persons who’ve girt themselves

With expansive ranges, internalized wise miscellanies.




a line, (a blue one)


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