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Two Poems
by Keith Woodhouse






                                                                     Mental patients -

                                                                  Goldfish in a goldfish bowl,

                                                              Under the consultant psychiatrist,

                                                                   Under the watchfull eye

                                                                          Of the universe.

                                                                      Lying in our beds,

                                                                     Spinning in our heads,

                                                                Bright sun through tall windows.

                                                                    "Nurse, Valium, please."

                                                                  Anything to slow it down,

                                                                                I try and read

                                                                               But I can't focus,

                                                                          Someone is tapping a teacup.

                                                                              Mania, Schizophrenia,

                                                                                Clopixol Acuphase,

                                                                           Hired muscle dotted about,

                                                                 "Talk to the doctor on Monday Morning."




a line, (a short blue one)





                                                                       I don't think or speak,

                                                                I communicate with my Guitar,

                                                              Just another lonely Guitar freak,

                                                                You are what you think you are.





a line, (a blue one)


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