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Three More Songs Of Yet More Experience
by Mary Cresswell





The Cat Looks Back


Every so often the story will out –

once I was bitten, twice I was shy.


Now I am waiting, my heart in my mouth,

hoping again I’m not up the spout.


So much for clean slates and a sensible start:

I’m in the deep end with more mud in my eye.


This is the truth that has finally come out:

I’m overly bitten and not enough shy.




a line, (a short blue one)



Continuing Meditation


I think I was born in the wrong demographic –

looks like I’m stuck at the crossroads again

too fit to quit, too old to maffick


My manner is smooth, my smile seraphic

but every so often I wallow in spleen

I was born in the wrong demographic


The problem is real – it’s not geographic

it follows me always, wherever I’ve been

I’ve no need to quit and prefer not to maffick.


My spirit is sleek, my body Falstaffic

before I act, I count to ten

as do all in my demographic


... but there’s no point being overly graphic.

Sometimes you feel there’s no way to win

when you’re too fit to quit, too old to maffick


But whether you’re straight or gay or sapphic

there’s no telling how, no telling when

you’re too fit to quit, too old to maffick –

and everyone’s born in the wrong demographic.




a line, (a short blue one)



Adieu Scuba Doo


Full fathom five my car key lies

full fathom four my phone


At fathom three I snapped my knee

at fathom two I’m gone


At fathom one my song is done

no helpful hurtling hero


to drag me wet and gasping

to plus or minus zero


Alas alas! I can no more:

sans youth sans breath sans marbles


flat on my back on the ocean floor

I’m forever blowing bubbles.



a line, (a blue one)


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