divine intervention?
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Science and Faith by Martin Green.


Dr. Gilroy hated to lose a patient and he hated even more giving the bad news to the patient’s family.

Tom Baker was a 50-year old man with pancreatic cancer. The cancer had spread rapidly and there was nothing, or almost nothing, that could be done about it. The doctor went out into the waiting room, where Baker’s wife was sitting. She was with another woman, slightly older and in a nun’s habit. Mrs. Baker was normally a pleasant-faced woman, but her red-rimmed eyes and haggard look showed the strain she was under. The other woman, by contrast, looked serene.

”How is he, doctor?” asked Mrs. Baker, immediately springing to her feet.

Dr. Gilroy hesitated, looking questioningly at the other woman. “Oh, this is my sister Christine. She’s come all the way from Africa to give me support.” The nun also stood up.

“Oh, I see. Well, I’m afraid I don’t have good news. Mrs. Baker, your husband’s cancer has metastasized. I’m afraid there’s not much we can do for him.”

“Can’t you try chemo or radiation?”

“No, it’s too late for that.”

Mrs. Baker’s face crumpled.

“There is one thing. We’ve been working on a new type of medication. It’s rather complex, but it comes out of our stem cell research program. Understand, it’s strictly experimental and it may actually advance your husband’s cancer. But with your permission, I can try it.”

“Have you ever tried it before?”

“No, this will be the first case.”

Mrs. Baker looked at her sister, who nodded. “All right. Go ahead and do it.”

“Science can do wonders, you know. This might be a breakthrough. I’ll get the papers for you to sign.” He looked at Mrs. Baker’s sister. “I’m glad you’re in favor of it.”

“You must do everything possible. I’ve been praying for Tom and I’ll continue to do so. Faith can also accomplish wonders.”


* * *


“It’s a miracle,” said Mrs. Baker.

Dr. Gilroy smiled. “Not really,” he said. “Your husband responded well to our experimental medicine. We’ll continue to refine it, but I have high hopes we may have finally found a cure. By the way, I don’t see your sister with you.”

“She had to return to her mission in Africa. She thinks that it was her prayers that saved Tom.”

Dr. Gilroy smiled again. “That’s understandable. Let’s say that they couldn’t hurt.”


* * *


As elated as he’d been after Tom Baker’s full recovery, Dr. Gilroy was now dejected. Once again, the new medicine which he’d thought heralded a breakthrough had failed and once again he’d be giving the bad news to a patient’s family. After the first failure, he’d thought that it was because that individual, for some reason, was not receptive. But now he’d had half a dozen failures. It was clear that they had a lot more work to do. He thought back to Tom Baker and the nun’s conviction. Well, Baker had been his one success. He’d have to give some thought to the power of prayer...


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