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Ekphrastic Poems by Neil Ellman


Improvisation 27

(after the painting by Wassily Kandinsky)

Improvisation 27 Wassily Kandinsky


But of course there was a sound
even when there were no witnesses
it split the universe into a billion
times a billion particles of noise
each one bawling like a new-born child
and then came thunder and then the rain
and then the miracles of suns
and then—
at the very end
nothing but the music of the spheres
with no one left to hear.



a line, (a blue one)


Improvisation 19

(after the painting by Wassily Kandinsky)

Improvisation 19 Wassily Kandinsky


Neither demons
nor angels
nothing of the language
of gods
or the grunts and grumbles
of galaxies
as they pass unnoticed
and then collide
in some abandoned corner
of this or another


No words, no shapes
where zeros and cyphers reign
as if the royalty of naught
come tomorrow
without a name
they fizzle and fade away.



a line, (a blue one)


Improvisation 209

(after the painting by Wassily Kandinsky)

Improvisation 209 Wassily Kandinsky


How the mind lurches,
dives, twitches and careens
synapse to synapse
across the space between
the notion and the act.


How a want explodes
from white to red
in sparkling cinders
of volcanic ash
how it illuminates the night
the need to be as one.


How the mind perceives
on dancing lights
its own eternity
and then its night.



a line, (a blue one)


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