It's competion time!
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Poetry competition.

From Dee Rimbaud, 12th May 2005.

Publisher, Bluechrome, is running a poetry competition (closing date 22nd June). First prize is publication of a poetry collection of your own (including 50 complementary copies of the book). All 30 runners-up will be included in an award winner’s anthology and will receive a copy of the anthology

Bluechrome offer a special deal in this competition, which essentially lets you enter for free. If you submit 5 poems, at a cost of £9, you can select a free Bluechrome poetry book.

Dee Rimbaud recommends choosing his poetry collection, ‘Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels’ but, if you've already have bought it, or, when it comes down to it, you might prefer to eat broken glass than read a Dee Rimbaud book. Well, in either of these scenarios you’ll be delighted to know that Bluechrome also publish Rupert Loydell, William Oxley, Les Merton, Ronnie Goodyer and Roselle Angwin amongst others, so you’re spoilt for choice.

If you are interested in entering this competition, go to Bluechrome’s website at for further details.

If you would like to read some of the poems included in ‘Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels’ you can read them here: .

You might also be interested to know that Bluechrome are also running a fiction competition, with a first prize of £200 and 10 runners-up included in the Bluechrome fiction anthology. Entry for this competition is £5, but if you enter two stories, you can select a Bluechrome novel for free. Again, I would personally suggest you choose my novel, ‘Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God’ (a gritty, modern, love story for the chemical generation). Of course, if gritty modern love stories aren’t your bag, there are plenty of alternatives on offer. You can read the first five chapters of my novel online at: .


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