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The 'I' in me
by Orbindu Ganga




Pranced many places

To find the hue, turned

The pages of sacred

Text in glue, revered

The teacher for

The answers,

I stood in the same place

Where I started, none

Quenched my thirst

For the conundrums,

Giving me the words of

The yestreen,

Did I ask them the answers

From the existing?

Do they don’t understand

My quest?

I am an explorer in

Search for the truth,

Received the content

Of their valour, None to

Give me the inception

And the denouement,

I followed my quest

To know the truth,

The odyssey drove

Me in a desert, ambling

To know the answers of

The conundrum, the soaring

Heat made me stop, the bottle

Was waiting to be filled, dried

Enough to cry without tears,

With none around to plead

For help, the mind was

Losing the last hope

To heave again,

The inner self send

A signal, The rest

Was history...



a line, (a blue one)


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