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The Prize-Giving. By John Atkins.

From "On The Very Edge"


"Today it is prize-giving day at Greyfriars. We are not going to bore you with the speechs but I'm sure you'd like to see the moment all the parents have been waiting for: The presentation of the prizes."

On L. The Headmaster sits at a table on which are three large books.

On R. Is a kind of box (something like a witness box) where the three prizewinners wait to receive their prizes. They are hidden from the waist down by the sides of the box.

Head: "First of all, Master Algernon Ludex, the Best Athlete of the Year".

The Head picks up the first book with title, Bumper Book for Boys. Master Ludex, a weedy little fellow, goes out to shake hands, receive his prize, and leave the hall.

(Discreet applause)

Head: "Secondly, Master Miles Cervex, the Best Scholar of the Year". The Head picks up the second book, The Third Culture. Master Cervex, an unprepossessing youth with protruding teeth, comes out, shakes hands and leaves the hall.

(Discreet applause)

Head: "And thirdly, a special prize for the Best Memory, Master Horatio Amnesia".

The Head picks up the third book, The Works of Sigmund Freud. Master Amnesia comes out.
He has forgotten his trousers.


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