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Poetry by Paul Tristram



Bumble Bee Busy


Bumble bee busy, no time for myself
now everything is speeding along.
It’s all work and no time for play
even taking a rest would be wrong.
There are so many things to do
just so many things to complete.
At the bottom of a finished page
up pops yet another empty sheet.
No time to sigh or to wonder why
to daydream or to go take a walk.
No time to cry or to wave goodbye
there is just no time for us to talk.
Bumble bee busy, no time for you
no time to stop what I am doing.
Just like a train out of control
I am heading straight for my ruin.



a line, (a blue one)


Your Kingfisher Eyes Are Killing Me


With your teeth like gravestones,
smile, a cemetery wall.
Hair a flock of vampires
cursing one and all.


Gentle in deceitfulness
heart a knuckle bone.
I turn my back upon you
for I would rather be alone.



a line, (a blue one)


You Just Got Lucky


Smiling with self fascination
Tonight the world belongs to you.
There is only good to be found
In every single thing that you do.
You have been abandoned by misfortune
You walk hand in hand with pleasure.
The rim of the biggest glass
Is how your drinks are measured.
But I say to you be careful
Jealousy can hide behind smiles.
Even the greatest party
Can end in sick and bile.
Watch out where you are walking
Or something will get in your way.
I hope that it never happens
But tomorrow may be your bad day.
You just got lucky
And that was all.
But luck runs out
You might slip and fall.
You should not waste your chances
You have got no guiding soul.
If arrogance be your aim
Ruin will be your ultimate goal.
You cannot grin away disaster
You have to reap what you have sown.
It is too late to say sorry
When you are living life alone.



a line, (a blue one)


The Friendly Foe


Beware of the friendly foe, yes beware
its backstabbing lust to destroy.
Its contentment can only be obtained
by killing your every smile of joy.
They cling on just like sycophants
but are merely waiting for the chance.
To better themselves upon your misery
on your social life ruin they’ll dance.
Yes, they’ll get them throwing stones
they’ll drown all of your self respect.
They’ll turn real friends against you
bring your shame out to inspect.
Beware of the friendly foe, yes beware
its tricks number many indeed.
Beware of the friendly foe, yes beware
never let the Bastards succeed.



a line, (a blue one)


Gin-Trap Crown


The pressure is unbelievable
the tension wound up tight.
The anxiety keeps me moving
I will never sleep tonight.
Today the bad world got to me
I stupidly let down my guard.
It came running for the kill
my punishment hit home hard.
My head is not a nice place
right now it’s like a disease.
I place my two hands upon it
with all my strength I squeeze.



a line, (a blue one)


Marvelling At Your Insanity, Again


You left the house in a complete fury

got into your car and drove away.

Phoned up my mobile thirty times

threw the engagement ring away.

Tried to pull my mates in the pub

then tried to get me banned for life.

You got hold of all my relations

told them you’d never be my wife.

Took the photo out of your locket

cut the tattoo that bares my name.

While I sat drinking all our beer

marvelling at your insanity, again.




a line, (a blue one)


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