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by Paul Tristram




A Candle


“…for Christ sake,

give over, mun… I was just out walking.

I popped into a Church, of all places

… I ended up lighting a candle for your Soul.”


“Eh? People do that for dead things.”


“… aye, I know.”




a line, (a short blue one)





You rise up Brighter

and Stronger

… with more Depth

to your Character.

You’ve been given

wonderful Gifts

… Intuition,

as sharp as Talons,

and a complicated

new way of Looking

… through, inside,

and around Things.

There is a Calm

… to Balance…

out your inner Storm,

a Stamina shocking

in its Magnitude.

A Determination,

and a Dedication…

which make your

previous ‘work tools’

… redundant,

and almost laughable.

You need no one’s

Regard or Respect…

for you have now

earnt your very Own.




a line, (a short blue one)





Mr. Caleb wouldn’t budge!


There was Graveyard moss

discovered between hallux

and index toes of his left foot.


Yet, he was arrested

in full attire

… still reeking,


of a cheap type

of dry sherry,

imbibed afore

his midnight stroll

… although,

when approached,

he seemed quite lucid,

and of reasonable balance.


Has a bad case of Tourette’s

… where he painfully

yells out the name

of Jessica…

much to his own misery,


and immense discomfort…

we have, of yet,

been unable

to identify the owner

of the

aforementioned name

… and when questioned,

he becomes quite hysterical.


He was brought in

for behaving ‘Suspiciously’

… not having the intentions,


nor body-clock…

of normal, decent folk.

He’s not a ‘Tramp’

nor ‘Wino’…

and we shall not be

‘Booking’ or ‘Charging’

him with anything Legally.

Yet, he’s being kept

‘til the morrow’s first light,

to ponder the perils…

of refusing to bloody ‘Fit In’.




a line, (a short blue one)



… Balance…


I was having one of those

infuriating late mornings

where I was busy arguing

myself into structure…

when I first discovered

Calder’s double birthday

and Black Widow (1959).

That was the end of that

… my head-riot

drifted quickly… away.

I realised that the mind

grows much ‘heavier’

when concentrating

… but, ‘discovery’ is an

almost physical… release

… whilst ‘balance’ is in

the 3rd eye of the beholder.




a line, (a short blue one)



I Am Tired Of Your Breeze… Near My Freeze


I seek ‘Vacuum’

… no Torso…

Eclipse Now!


your Disposition


it’s bringing

me Hell…

and every time

I complain

… a Stork

drops another


[Bombs Away]

… onto my

ever growing


As-Fuck… List!




a line, (a short blue one)



Slight [Underhanded] Kopfkino


And when that Call finally went out

for a Minutes Silence

for any dead ‘Missed Opportunities’

… I’d already left the building

and was swerving my way

in amongst brand new Possibilities.

One of my strangest Victories

was actually not seeking Revenge

… they’re still several chapters


My ‘Smile’ is always Genuine

and never Mean, I’m proud of that

… I believe ‘games’ are for children.

Someone called me Mysterious

… and I repaid her with Silence,

instead of lowering my Drawbridge

… which is what…

she was actually wishing/fishing for.




a line, (a blue one)


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