I wonder who __________ is?
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1936 miles away
by Tohm Bakelas




she had this exotic name like

Xena or Hydrangea or

Oceana or Cthulhu and from

time to time we’d correspond

about poems and life


and one day she said

__________ was publishing

her next chapbook


I told her “don’t waste your time”


“what do you mean?” she asked


“well” I said “a few of us

don’t like __________ and

I can’t tell you anymore

than I already have”


“what if I send you

a picture of my tits?

will you then tell me

your secrets?”


I said that wouldn’t be necessary

I just needed to see

which side she was on

__________’s or our’s.


she called me later that the day

I told her some secrets

not many, but enough

to hold her over,

enough to get the message

across that __________ was

a real shady publisher with

a bizarre reputation and

that she should be careful


after we hung up

she sent me a picture

of herself laying in bed

shirt off, two perfectly pierced tits

smiling from 1936 miles away

and not knowing

what to make

of the whole situation

I thanked her

and stared at the

picture for a while.


a line, (a blue one)


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