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by Terry Brinkman



Sonnet CC


One house of straw, one house of sticks and one of brick

Half mad alabaster silent articulated yellow sun

Like a cat to its claws, bones to a skeleton

She cries true love and carries a big stick

Lace fringe tide sheeting the lows of the arsenic

He said over his shoulder, polluter perfect simpleton

Steams of coffee ashes on her breath phenomenon

Sun shined on the Daisies merely emulated arithmetic

At the top of the hill Annie’s house was high

Steel skies pine fringed plateau Irish place

Knock-kneed death pew of the slain horrify

When the man went to sleep we saw Alice

Checker works of leaves on top of the Pie

Under lip fibers of tobacco fell in the Chalice




a line, (a short blue one)



Sonnet C


Pale light of evening

Silence icily new

Treeless as Peru

Scrupulously neat and clean

Twilight-light sleeping king

Drinking dark coffee brew

Eyes gipsy-like blue

Trouser pocket ring

Gruff squire love-sick

Wine dark sea bay

Ghost light candlestick

Maladroit silk bouquet

Gemmed fingers stick

Low skimming blue-jay

Toppling masonry brick

Utter trivially today




a line, (a short blue one)



No Friendly Sight


Squander this wallowing life

Fragment of your trance

No friendly sight

A pale quivering reflection

Fragment of your glance

Life that slips away

Tangles of sea weed

Now the calm returns

The blue sky darkens

Blue water is gone from her eyes

Fragment of your trace




a line, (a short blue one)



Olivet’s Breeze


Chicago stockyard tunnels

Olivet’s breeze Indians

Steersman cowboys

Olivet’s breeze Indians

Chicago stockyard tunnels

Homestead Act 1862 under her lip

Granite county stockyards

Bitterroot Valley Bridge



a line, (a short blue one)



Visit Yellowstone


Available year round Inn

Road schedule to make

Visit Yellowstone’s heartache

Mammoth to Norris playing Mandolin

The Day’s listed to win

Blue Night fall with snowflakes

Grant Lodge theirs cake

Start your trip, thick or thin

Gun Powder Gray Road sunset red

Weather Permitting unsung

Delays are possible if missed



a line, (a blue one)


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