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by Terry Brinkman




She Can Write


Tiny yawn open her eyes now she can write

The point is how she wrote

Her perfume awakens every man’s goat

Listless lady more talk than copyright

Her last hour came like a thief in the daylight

She has now nearly passed the foot-note

Like sunlight on the edge of the river-boat

Went first herself in Gail’s moonlight



a line, (a short blue one)





Winding sheets creaking and swaying vile

Then met a raindrop spats on her virgin

Mildewed button-less leather burgeon

Cream sleeping gown a rip beguile

Black and blue in concussions veiled milk

Hurled curses at the sky the hook sturgeon

Fade the railway surgeon

When the flesh falls off just smile

Poor wretch relic of the old decaying village

A thrust throttle weeping tone Dylan

Huge cloaked liberator’s pillage

Stumping around the corner or just chilling

Choked laugh burst tillage

The Devil breaks the villain



a line, (a short blue one)





First of the month the day to vote

New Moon fell below the hills vow

Row out of the harbor in the dark on the bow

Feelings the pebbled sand under their feet on the boat

With a ring around the moon you’ll need a Raincoat

Embezzling to gamble to win a cow

Bare-footed on coral rocks wow

Green and Gold Snuff bottle she places the note

Sleeps cheerfully on the Red Bank Couch

Philosopher throws in the towel

Her skin-deep lovely shame’s ouch

Stone soup in a can turned with a dowel

Baby hiding in the kangaroo’s pouch

Benzoin Orange Flower Water vow



a line, (a short blue one)





Azure rolling ridge beckoning above the wash

Unwashed and uncooked beans what a waste

Dane torches of sunset braced

Meadows of murmuring’s posh

Wet grim and glistering squash

Limp as a wet rag face

Her unmentionables full of his tooth-paste

White Rose Ivory snow covered frosh

 Running across the sweep of the wave

Human eyes with pale silent measles

Cherry red lips slighter altercation cave

Like a burr sticking in an artist’s easel

Unshed tears sad plight waive

Last glow of fleeting curly headed weasel



a line, (a short blue one)





Snot green Olivet’s Breeze Weed

Tide sheeting the lows of the sand wedge

Death pew of the slain ledge

Two opinions on the matter of greed

Clambering down the muddy foot path with no speed

Faintly sent of urine on her hedge

She slid down the verge of the cliff’s edge

Skiing in Switzerland with Miss Swede

Ineluctable mobility on her spider’s Web

In the shadow of early morning eight legs silently crept

Choo-Choo ashes on the breath of Deb

After cough-balls of laughter we sleep

Dishonors of ebb

Sinking in silted sand Ruddy Wool Sheep



a line, (a short blue one)





Expel the palm cheap reprints not royal

Saints and Sages only name sakes of man

Charity to the neighbor scaring can

Wolf in sheep’s clothing loyal

Guardians and monies and firms broil

Three patrons of the holy youth of Dan

Millstones eyes wax candles unicorn’s plan

Observant and daughter bearing palms oil

Engrailed arching spires blessed God

Scroll of Ancient Irish vellum try

Sprinkled viands and beverages awed

Most sweet and gradual vaults arise sky

 Season Tickets available in sun Izadi



a line, (a short blue one)



Utah High


Utah high weep, wept and wept to embrace

Be-mused sore wipe with a limp wet rag

Shifty looking weak joy base

Sail furled worst form of bag

Un-hasty friendliness face

Melt a heart of stone, rich silk stockings nag



a line, (a short blue one)





Her unmentionables full of sin

Shadow less early morning’s poly

Philosophical assertions of Holy

Faint scent of urine follows the twin

Gun Whale white rose ivory violin

Golden rule of unshed tears slowly

Shadow of human eyes scream lowly

Augur’s rod of handmade Gin

The moon’s shadow lay over her bare Apricots

Darkness shining in her blindfold

Officials from the dead devour the Robot

Beheld in Violet night of the old

Corpse rising salt white from the Yacht

Reign of uncouth stars shine gold



a line, (a short blue one)



Sonnet CCCL


Her gently Aubrey hop and hobble to skate

Guided trousers down with electromagnetics

Deaf Gardner aproned masked poetic

Friend his arm quietly date

Push the mower faster or you will be late

Wish me to tell your sympathies

Face crinkled as she spoke synthetic

Hair stirring slightly like the sea’s mate

Fanning his uncombed hair stirring burdensome

Read them in the original at the museum

New art color for Irish Poets Christendom

Looked down on the water’s quarrel

Sea’s scrotum-tightening crematorium

Her fair Oak-Hair turned Platinum




a line, (a short blue one)



Sonnet CCCLI


She should have knelt down to skate

The sea’s abruptly Eels electromagnetics

Begging with her last breath not poetic

Resting on the Jagged Granite eating a date

Tolerant smile curled his lips showing up late

Fraying edge of her shiny black sympathies

Love fretted his heart slightly synthetic

Loose brown grave clothing’s mate

Reproachful Rose Wood faint odor burdensome

Saw the sea hailed as the great museum

Thread-bear cuffing rings of Christendom

Odor of Way and wetted ashes quarrelsome

Bag skyline held a dull green crematorium

A Bowl of White China holding Platinum




a line, (a blue one)


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