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by Terry Brinkman



Tobacco Fibers


Famine said over her shoulder

Murmured under her voice

Old fogey

Blooded guts of monkey slush

Tobacco fibers under lip

Brief gestures over bear shoulder

Brogues famine lost her pain

Pious immortal mud splashed bane

Black north whining whistle around the bend

Bend-Oregon Old man’s stare



a line, (a short blue one)


Sonnet CCII 


Midnight my time for walking between the path of brick

Rhythm from over the sand furrows of the sun

Woven silk fox fond tweed on a skeleton

American hiking society legendary Walking Stick

White flint glass Biscuit Tin holding Arsenic

Alabaster silent foaming Ale simpleton

Ivory raised point green silk phenomenon

Vague loneliness of the soul doing arithmetic

Perfectly true nobbling her beer high

Far ravines fragrance of the Cedar Palace

Speer pointed mescal brooding silence to horrify

Beckoning range whispered her name Alice

Deep Velvet azure of the Blue-Berry Pie

Last swig of the pint in my Chalice


a line, (a short blue one)


Sonnet CCIV


Sheep-herders thorough breeds sleeping straw

Laughed merrily straddling her Cadillac

Rude wooden shutters gruffly clacks

Ghastly plateaus of pine covered guffaws

Rock and Cactus See-Saw

Rocky ramparts wet hay stack

Slope of sage methadone racy Zodiac

She’s gracefully sleeping in healthful Awe

Blinding Zig-Zag of lightning flash

Star thrown shadows of her face

Others poignancy the bitter trash

Memories of her hauntingly sweet embrace

Silent scaled cheeks rash

Vague remorse of her grace


a line, (a short blue one)


Sonnet CXXIV


Odoriferous flambeaus rising

Para nymph quadrupedal pitfall

Life ran very drawl

My Moon and my Sun harmonizing

Bitter-milk scrutinizing

Minot tag atrocities crawl

Sub-solar crystal water-fall

Egypt’s plague compromising

Long-straight Budapest

Coffee-House Nurse

Cavity of mountain suggest

Old Croaks purse

Black Crack infest

Topsy-turvy Hearse

NoHo daddy manifest

Natural phenomenon universe


a line, (a short blue one)




Try peer-to-peer

Upward mobility

Portland’s, Tillicum Crossing

 Ghost Woman rock’s out

Verge of the cliff

Pious, memory

Tournament of Roses

 Mud-Splashed Waterfall

The joust of life


a line, (a short blue one)


Drink Beer not Water


Next to the fireplace at Squatters

Purring, hearth sitting Sabastian cat

Madam serving beer wearing alabaster green hat

Drink beer not water

I meet-up here with my daughter

Argument turns up the thermostat

Like beer that seeps from a haunted ghost vat

She’s becomes my drinking contest spotter


a line, (a short blue one)


Sleepy Whale 386


Wedded life to enter or not too

Saloon’s Chalk scrolled list in my room

Alabaster Dark Bride and Fair Groom

Minister’s talks a Toad’s belly Kazoo

The father’s in-law one of those well-to-do

Wedding will be close to noon

Honeymoon will be on the moon

Red labeled Gin cash bar taboo

Temporary insanity of course

Dance with an endless pint drunk

I dance like a burr in the mane of a horse

A long legged silk stockings Monk

We all drink like the devil before the divorce

Next morning limp as a sleeping Skunk


a line, (a short blue one)




Girls will be Girls Playing music

Certain the castle of sand we are to jump

At the Electrical Power station dump

One square pole in a round a violent limerick

Her silk stockings in ruins makes one sick

Year of rebellion falling on her rump

Gazing far away sitting on a burned-out stump

Overhead Silk Umbrella with a golden stick

Furious volley of oaths never clever

Spiritual author of her brain

Gesticulating limb from limb server

Shot in a shovel drinking champagne

Kissed away hurt-ness forever and ever

Her unmentionables were full of sand again




a line, (a blue one)


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