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Tom Snarsky




The Fateful Hand



The meadowlark makes you try

to guess their favorite movement


You have three guesses

and run out


Which is embarrassing

because there are only four


Movements in the whole

symphony their favorite being


The third the adagio the

tempo of a careful jellyfish


The meadowlark has never seen




a line, (a short blue one)



Soft Cloth Car Wash



          Over at the Blue & Gray Mall

   Something different is forming


You have to ask for it with your hands

Open, & no expectations


If you do you’ll see a bright

Pink balloon in the middle of a forest


Painted tapestry of sky at the back

Of a crowded theater, most of the


Players green & brown & the star a

Pale rose floating up  /  to infinity



a line, (a short blue one)



voire mortel



this poem is about a play i didn’t write


& won’t


called voire mortel


the play is mostly about bari


bari is a lucid dreamer


sometimes she mentions this


to the people at her job


at the walmart vision center


her best friend cassandra


her boss ari


the odd customer


it is one of the major threads


in bari’s text conversations with M


in the play it is not made clear


who M is


but when bari gets home


from work she usually texts M


their conversations are projected


on a big screen upstage


for the audience to see


M is the person with whom bari


has the closest most honest relationship


they talk about everything


especially their hopes


& dreams


so when bari has her first dream


she can’t control


at least not fully


she tells M about it


she tells M the dream


takes place in a park


which is true


in the dream she & her friends


from high school are using


golf clubs to blow up half-used lighters


at the basketball court


near the small hill


the neighborhood kids use


in the winter


for sledding


which is true


she tells M the part of the dream


she can’t control is when


her best friend cassandra


explodes a lighter


with a nine iron


& then immediately


turns around


& kisses her


which isn’t true


but that’s what she tells M


we cannot judge from M’s reaction


via text but anyone


in the audience who has ever texted




will know M’s love for bari


has become asymptotic in this moment


Marguerite Duras style


i will not write this play because


a) it will pale


in comparison to


actual Marguerite Duras


nor was the Huis Clos


thing with ari bari & cassandra


ever going to get off


the ground


& b)


i am terrified of acting


like in awe


of it


& i’d want to play bari


in the play


so badly


but i couldn’t do it


i’d be too scared


so i’m going to keep it an imaginary play


where i can imagine myself


as bari in the final scene


where the audience sees


what really happened


in bari’s dream


in the dream


cassandra destroys a lighter


with her nine iron


the spark ignites the remaining fluid


makes a brief flash of flame


& when cassandra turns to bari


& walks slowly


toward her


i would play this slack




bari has no idea


no defense whatsoever


against the nine iron


so when cassandra


smashes bari’s knee


with her nine iron


although it doesn’t hurt


because dream etc.


the betrayal is so total


as to be a kind


of death


voire mortel


and to play bari i would have to know


that after this dream


every part of bari’s life


will change


feel different


none of the tiny screws


in the glasses repair kits


will fit right again


ari will start


to cut her hours


& she won’t care


she will go to the park


on a day she now has off


a day she knows


cassandra isn’t working


she will buy a full lighter


at the corner store


on the way


& when she gets to the park


i would play this quickly


like she’s doing it


without thinking


she will leave the lighter


on the corner


of the concrete


& use both


her knees


to walk away





a line, (a short blue one)





the moment

we made it

a problem

it still passed




a line, (a short blue one)



Seed Library


For as long as people have been planting things that they hope to grow, they have also been saving the seeds of those things in seed banks and seed libraries. A seed bank is for preserving seeds against possible threats of destruction, like a frost or a flood; a seed library is different. The purpose of a seed library is to share seeds freely with the public: in other words, the seed library as an institution is established on the premise that the best way to ensure the healthy growth of a thing is to share it with others, so that they can help to cultivate it too.



a line, (a blue one)


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