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New poems by A.J. Huffman.



All Flash And Bone


Voided echoes dance

just beyond my eyes.

I cannot grasp their shape.

Their purpose is shady.

A memory.


But important

in its pertinence.


The mysterious weight of their relevance

is cataclysmic.


And I am fractured.


Dumb-struck soundless

by lack of understanding.




is a ballet.

Filled with devils and nightmares.

One step closer.

All slide back.

Into the uneasy comfort

of solid perimeters.

Subconsciously soiled

by fear.

And a pair of faceless fangs.


a line, (a blue one)


A Legacy of Candy and Cobblestones


I walk through night on a blind man’s dream.
Dodging buildings like bullets. With no doors
to welcome or reject me, I hypothesize
the structural resonance of the word: home.

I Leave deconstructed breadcrumbs to remind
this world I am here.

And still moving toward what remains to be seen,
the shadows hold no meaning in this dark. I embrace
their whispers. Like wings, I breathe through
their chaos. And return to face the chimeless clock
that has failed, again, to convince me
that dawn is worth all the hype.



a line, (a blue one)


Slurring Silence and Stone


You touch me.

And I echo.


Like a scream.

I move the air.


Through your stare.

Until you can feel me.


Too bad.

It shatters

my skin

to hell.



a line, (a blue one)


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