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by KJ Hannah Greenberg



(Mis)understandings of Nonideological Rhetoric


Too often, contemporary individuals, plus institutions, build

Intolerance from interactive nonaffinity. Likewise, arrogance.

Fiddles exercising freedom; “choice” becomes indeterminate.

When consubstantiation’s uniqueness starts entering outliers,

Forced thinking adjusts to compare disintegrative tête-à-têtes

(That talk fixates on personal habits and collective behaviors.)


Elitists, to preserve rank, withhold the utilization of monikers,

Legitimize unconventional exchanges, encourage such “baser”

Divisions. Unbound, unhampered counterpoints provide less

Clarity on relative virtues of transindividual insights; contrasts

Modestly illuminate, unify, or recognize how vital ends benefit

Explorations of  “self,” “other,” when built of natural scruples.


Private comprehensions of the meaning/morality nexus affect

Social systems. Otherwise, select forms of cultural dissonance,

Sometimes, helps consciousness-raising cut suffering. Forever,

Cruelty’s heightened, set in social-political contexts. Moreover,

Revenge disproves selves, wipes away victimhood by means of

Destroying distinctiveness. Mysticism switches “me” with “us.”


Thus, the teaching of “diversity” persists as subjective pursuits

(“Educational” provisions don’t necessarily transcend statutory

Issues.) Disclosure stays object lessons whose intentions injure

Audiences’ welfare. Among unenlightened, opinions on hazard

Vary. Forever, rhetors want freedom to select amid encounters,

To publicly process all tricks that swivel epistemic progressions.




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A Design for Problems


We can’t uphold that research stays indispensable when keeping communications open.

Vocabulary, conceptualization, plus methodology, remain our culture’s creepy summits.

By incorporating modern achievements, new approaches, fresh complexes of exertions,

We might meet social needs per salubrious interactions. Else, we might skip homework.


Collective nonage cannot eternally ascertain the essence of, stipulate phenomenological

Analyses of events besides offering rare critical-transcendental breakdowns of vile acts.

When organized data are scrutinized, interpreted, or evaluated for their nature, dystopic

Relationships’ subsequent discourse ought refrain from hinky unraveling of happenings.


Yet, few applications of some processes yield deep-rooted data that illuminate suspect

Social accountability. Hugh swaths of beauty grow nullified when, accordingly, sluiced.

Regardless, functional, & focal cues continue to be found in reticulated journal pooks,

Like champions of the Glass Bead game at Castalia, those data intimidate some others.




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The Trouble with Fuzzy Distinctions


The fuzzy distinctions between alleged accountability and actual responsibility,

As mysteries, can be made manifest, can illume our unfamiliarity with disparate

Ethics. Yet, we’re deficient in snapshots of governing bodies’ basic vocabulary.

Those covert representations, fashioned by ascendency, remain highly puzzling.

Our studied pictures of rulers demonstrate how that needs lack prominence—

Their inclusion never transcends the teleology concomitant to everyday people.


Thus, our theistic voluntarism, not their high falutin intellectualism, operates far

From unity with the big guns, fails to reflect our principles, keeps self-interest in

Just elites’ purview (obscured distinctions among normative, axiological, aretaic

Cues bring substantial, clearly distinguishable, principled arguments on partisans’

Assessments of goods and services.) Traditional responses to societal conditions

Deserve critical and creative vehicles, not an acquiesce to our puerile “superiors.”



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