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Our Neighbours’ Dog
by Ozimede Sunny Ekhalume



Rin Tin Tin, a bitch, is our next-door neighbours’ dog.
Our neighbours who newly moved in.
Her kennel is across the fence by my bedroom window.
When I’m with my husband, Rin Tin Tin will bark and howl immediately after my orgasm, as though she’s protesting my having a good time.
It’s like, why should I be getting what she is not getting?
Sometimes, it seems she’s announcing to the whole world what “misdemeanour” I’m committing.
The first time, I thought it was a coincidence.
But this has been on for weeks.
Without fail, she bawls once I am done.
I tell Dave about it.
He laughs and says my imagination is running wild.
When I insist I know what I’m talking about, Dave says it’s bizarre.
He says maybe Rin Tin Tin has extra sensory ears and can pick up my moans.
Now, that’s something I can’t help – letting out a soft moan is an integral part of my orgasm.
What’s a dog’s problem with that?
If she’s in heat and cannot let out, what have I got to do with that?
Her owners should get her a male.
Dave says I should try muffling my moans and let’s watch what will happen.
That’s a tough call.
As tough as it is, I try and I am able to have my pleasure without moaning.
But I tell you, Rin Tin Tin still yelps exactly as I’m reaching climax!
Even when I play loud music to drown out my silent whimpers, still, she doesn’t miss the timing.
It’s weird and annoying.
It’s as if the bloody bitch can smell my orgasm miles away.
And there is no way of convincing Dave about this because he does not and cannot hear the dog.
I’m alone in this matter.
The creepiest thing is, Dave makes more noise during climax than I do, but Rin Tin Tin doesn’t react to his.
Not even once.

I feel like I'm being stalked in my own bedroom by my neighbours’ dog.
How do I make a complaint on such a matter to my neighbours?
How do I report this to the police? Without being branded a wacko?
Already, Dave doesn’t believe me and there’s no way of him knowing the truth – he is deaf.
He seems to think I’m having a mental breakdown.

Now, I have given up convincing Dave or worrying about Rin Tin Tin’s tantrums.
I moan as much and as loud as I like.
And Rin Tin Tin barks and howls in protest as loud as she can.
Who cares?
I will not allow a dog to dictate how I go about my pleasure in the bedroom.   



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